Boost efficiency of home cleaning task with Vacuum cleaners!

Let us face the truth that in this fast-paced world there’s no one with ample time to clean the homes as they did before in the yesteryear period. However, does that mean we keep our home messy, dirty and stained? NO! Home is regarded as a holy place such as the temple or Church and we can never keep them dirty! Guests who come to your house shall have the first impression about you by taking a look at your entire home. If it’s dirty and messy, you better beware of that guy because he/she has created a portrait of your’s in their minds and it ain’t good at all! 

The first and only thing that you need to do in order to boost the cleanliness of your home is to clean it better. The place you live in deserves much more love and attention of yours, doesn’t it? Your home is a reflection of your soul and hence it cannot be dirt and grime laden. 

If you can sit on the floor and cuddle with your pet dog/cat without worrying about ruining your dress due to dirt, you already have a clean home! On the other hand, if you are even thinking twice before going barefoot in your home, then you probably need to take up the cleaning task a bit more seriously! However, the entire process of cleaning is now easier than ever before with Vacuum cleaners. Gone are the days where you have to do hard work to clean the home, now it is all about the smart work! 

Here’s how vacuum cleaners can help you!

A Vacuum cleaner is a machine that is used to suck in all the dirt, dust, allergens and even bacteria in a bag that is attached to it. While previously you had to stretch on the floor to reach the touch corners and under the sofas, now with a vacuum cleaner at work just an extension of your arm will get the job done. The ease of cleaning home surfaces is now at its peak with this invention. All you need to do is now hold the handle of the vacuum cleaner, turn it on and just walk! Sounds easy? Well, it is! 

There are various tips available to make sure that you make the most of your vacuum cleaner. Also, the modern vacuum cleaner has a lot of accessories which have a different purpose to solve. Here’s presenting you a brief guide to those- 

Vacuum cleaner parts – Makes cleaner super easy and efficient 

These are some of the attachments available and these can speed up your cleaning task to manifolds – 

  • Duster Tool- Once you attach the duster tool to your vacuum, there’s not much that you would need to do! Though not a majority of the vacuum cleaners have duster tools, if your one supports it then you can additionally fit it. It shall make cleaning delicate and difficult to reach places easier such as circuit boards, window blinds, kitchen cabinets etc. 
  • Crevice tool-  Worried about cleaning deep and tight places like seat divisions, corners and under the low clearance couch in your living room? Well, the Crevice tool is just meant for this purpose! The sleek and pointed tip of the crevice tool allows it to clean the unreachable and even the smallest unseen areas easily. 
  • Pet cleaning vacuum- If you have a pet in your home, this is probably the one tool you would love to have! With this pet cleaning tool, you can get rid of the dirt on your pet’s fur. All you need to do is gently move the cleaner on your pet’s coat and there he/she is completely clean and free from dirt and dust on the coat. 
  • Turbo Brush- This is one of the most essential tools as it allows deep cleaning and especially helps in removing hair and dust from tough areas. 
  • Extension wand- This is helpful when you need higher or farther places/corners of your home. It gives you more reach to clean the dust at longer heights. If you have mistakenly lost something and the same is stuck behind a heavy sofa set, this extension wand shall help you to get it back due to its elongated length.
  • Bare floor brush – This is a brush with soft bristles that can be attached to your vacuum cleaner. It helps to clean the bare floor without leaving any scratches on it. 
  • Mattress attachment – In order to remove dust and lint from your mattress, these attachments are totally worth it. 
  • Motorized brush- The dust and debris is stuck deep in the fibre and this is why when you clean the carpets, it is suggested that you use such motorised brush. With each rotation of the brush, the debris will fall out of the fibres and the vacuum will suck it in. You can also use these motorized brushes to clean the floor but remember that you keep the motor off when you use it on the floor.

These were the tools that can boost your home cleaning efficiency. Now, let’s move on to some of the tips that you can use further. 

All that you need to do to clean faster and better! 

When we use the vacuum cleaner there are various things that we miss out on taking care. Also, we do a lot of things that shouldn’t be done. All of these slows down the overall performance of the cleaner.

Deep clean your vacuum always! 

Your vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool that helps you clean any dust from any place in your home. If the cleaner isn’t well-maintained, how can you expect it to run just you wish! For this same reason, a deep clean of the vacuum is essential. Here are some of the guidelines on how you can do it- 

Declutter your canister – You can clean the small particles in the cartridge daily but it is advised that once or twice in a month you choose to deep clean the same. You can put your canister in the dishwasher that you have along with washing powder for better cleaning. 

PS- Keep the timer of the dishwasher to at least 3 minutes for deep clean of all the sides.    

Replace/ Wash the filters – It is advised that you rinse off the foam filter of your vacuum cleaner along with the canister. Let it dry for a while before you fit it again. On the other hand, if you have the HEPA filter then you have to replace the same from time to time for optimum performance.

Clean the hose – You need to detach the hose off the cleaner and pass slightly warm water through the tube. It will wash away all the dust that is trapped inside and help in excelling its performance for your next use. 

Your vacuum brush matters- When you are done with the entire cleaning, check your vacuum brush once. Many times there is hair and pet fur stuck in the vacuum brush which hinders it from performing well. In such a case, you can use your hand to get rid of the fur or lint. 

  1. Must remember these things before you vacuum the NEXT time 

In order to keep your vacuum cleaner going on for years on the trot, there are a few more things that you need to do and keep in mind other than deep cleaning. Here’s a comprehensive pointwise guide from us to make your vacuum cleaner last long and stay strong- 

  • Replace each of your vacuum cleaner’s attachment after a few months
  • Always choose the right attachment for the kind of cleaning you are going to do
  • Be gentle with the machine and attachments! Show some love. 
  • Clean the debris from the bag every time you are done vacuum cleaning
  1. Ground rule #1 – Never ever vacuum these…

Especially for the enthusiastic beginner, there are times when we end up cleaning each and everything that comes our way. Well, this can harm your vacuum cleaner! Here are all those things which you should never clean with your vacuum cleaner. 

  • Broken glass, clips or tiny rocks – These can damage the inner part of the vacuum including the cleaner bag.
  • Liquid- If you ever happen to suck in anything liquid with your vacuum, the bag and the brush everything will become sticky with all the liquid and dust. It can choke your vacuum machine.
  • Furnace Ash- Do not ever pick up furnace ashes with vacuum as they can react on the trapped heat and it may lead to a huge fire accident. 
  • Coins or iron items – If your vacuum sucks in one of these then the internal plastic or fibre parts can even get broken. Avoid hovering over such pieces when you vacuum. 

Some of the places that we often forget to vacuum! 

There are some of the common places which do not get vacuumed often but they have a lot of dust and in order to deep clean, vacuuming them is essential. Here’s a list of such places- 


  • Bed pillows and sofa cushions
  • Window sills
  • Keyboard
  • Leaves or the lawn 
  • Blinds/shades/curtains
  • Stairs 
  • Drawers
  • Brooms 
  • Patios 
  • Underbed floors
  • Corners and behind every appliance 
  • Fridge Coils 
  1. What to DO and what NOT to do, we have a list!

In order to make your cleaner faster and smoother, here is a list of things that you need to do and a few which you need to avoid-  

  • Keep the height of the cleaner handle as per your comfort in order to clean faster 
  • Take your time when you vacuum. If you are in a hurry then probably you will miss out on many particles that are stuck deep in your carpets and need more vacuuming. 
  • Never ever ignore the blockages and the dark places
  • Clean the mess as much as possible and avoid keeping the outside door open as it leads to more dust and dirt coming in the house. 
  • Always buy a cleaner as per the major requirement you have with it. Know it well before you buy so that your work is done faster.

Here’s a hack you would love! 

Everyone loves it when their homes smell good, isn’t it? Here’s a trick- Soak a cotton ball in your favourite aroma liquid or oil and then drop it in the vacuum bag. The aromatic fragrance will be all over your home with every vacuum pass. 

In this way, the indoor odor issue is also dealt with. Amazing, right? 


The above-mentioned text offers you some great tips and tricks to get the vacuum job done faster and smoother. Hope you have a good time cleaning the clutter!

Have a clean home!

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