Stick or the upright vacuum cleaner – Which one is for you?

If you are living in your house, vacuuming is truly one of the most inevitable chores that you have to do at least once a week. Be it for the hygiene or the cleanliness of the home, this is a must for one and all. If you are looking to buy a new one for yourself, the quest might look humongous as the market is filled with choices. There are so many different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market that it makes people confused so as to which one they really need. To help you make an informed and reliable decision, we have come up with this article! 


Based on the kind features and usage you may have at home, the wide range of vacuum cleaners can be broadly classified under two categories – 


  1. Upright vacuum cleaners 
  2. Stick vacuum cleaners 


If you have done a bit of research or have used a vacuum cleaner before, you know that the upright vacuum cleaner is best for wall to wall carpeted floors. On the other hand, the stick vacuum cleaners are best suited for rooms that have hard floors. 


Well, if you do not have any experience and nor have done any research, do not worry! This article will speak about some of the features of both these types of vacuum cleaners so that you can end up taking a well-informed buying decision. 


Features matter! 


The first and foremost thing that any buyer should take into consideration before choosing a stick or upright vacuum cleaner is the features that are available. If you take a quick glance at both these vacuum cleaners, you will hardly see anything more than a few minor differences.   


A stick vacuum cleaner will have the motor and the dust container fitted on the stick itself whereas an upright model might be corded or cordless and bagged or bagless. Based on the model you choose, both of these will have multiple attachment sets available. 


As upright vacuum cleaners are larger than the stick ones, they can be fitted with more attachments for better performance and even you can include a HEPA filter. This is what makes them the best to consider! 


Pick the powerful one 


This is probably the most important point and factor that you have got to keep in your mind when you invest your hard earned money in a vacuum cleaner. A stronger motor will mean that the suction power of the machine is more and hence efficient cleaning is on the cards. Commonly, the upright vacuum cleaners are larger and hence they are supposed to have the bigger and more powerful motors for cleaning. If the motor is large, the cleaner will be able to perform heavy duty cleaning tasks unlike the others with small motors. It will be more effective when you choose to deep clean your home. 


On the other hand the stick vacuum cleaners can have the smaller motors. It makes them suitable for cleaning smaller rooms and light cleaning tasks such as dusting the floor, cleaning the debris or picking pet lint and hair. 


Ease of storage 


When it comes to ease of storage, the stick vacuum cleaner will beat the upright version hands down any day! The thin built and the small dust reservoir of the stick vacuum cleaner makes it lighter than the upright version. If you are cramped for room already and have a small apartment, you can easily keep these stick vacuum cleaners behind the stairways or in the profile areas. 


As the stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight, even the elders of your home can carry it to upstairs without any difficulty. The portability is the biggest advantage of the stick vacuum cleaners. 


Easy to use 


When you are in the dilemma regarding which vacuum cleaner to buy, always remember your ultimate decision should be based on the ease of use. As per , every vacuum cleaner is meant to perform a different kind of vacuuming task which is why you need to pick the one that you need the most. 


For instance, if you have hard floors such as the ones that are laminated or the ones with marbles and tiles, the less aggressive stick vacuum cleaner would do wonders. Similarly for the textured, plush surfaces and well-carpeted floor, the powerful upright vacuum cleaner would be the perfect match.


Who’s more versatile?


One of the major points that comes to mind when we ought to spend money on a vacuum cleaner is the fact that whether the machine can be used in a varied manner or not. The debate between stick vacuum cleaner and upright vacuum cleaner goes further deeper with the quotient of versatility. In this case, upright vacuum cleaners win the game hands down as they can be easily paired with multiple attachments, hence more versatile. 


If you are cleaning your high pile carpet and the next moment you need to clean the curtains or your sofa, all you need to do is change the attachment! The extra attachments can also help you to clean the hard floors even if they aren’t 100% efficient in the task. 


On the contrary, in stick vacuum cleaners you have just a on/off button and you cannot maneuver it much with any attachment or anything. Hence, perfect for light cleaning and vacuuming work in small rooms. 




Whether to pick the stick or the upright vacuum cleaner is based on numerous factors which are discussed above. The final decision remains your and based on your requirement and floor type you can choose the one vacuum cleaner that fits the bill.  

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