7 Tips for smarter and faster home cleaning

Home is where the heart lives and this is why there is no one who would like to stay in a cluttered and dirty home. Living in a clean and clutter free space is a joy and the one who enjoys such conditions will never shy away from spending a couple of hours in ensuring that the home is clean and hygienic. However, given the busy schedule of our lives, often we are caught on the fix because there are a lot of other things as well which deserve our attention. 


This brings us to the question that – how can we be more faster in keeping our homes clean naturally and effortlessly? In this article, we have fixed your query and here are the 7 tips that are actually going to make your work super smooth, fun and efficient!  


Quick vacuuming 


Relax! Not every corner of your home needs to be vacuumed everyday because dust and dirt do not regularly accumulate in huge quantities in those places. These areas need vacuum cleaning once in 3-4 months. The area under your sofa set doesn’t need cleaning every day as no one ever steps on that floor part so the chances of dust and dirt accumulation is as close to ignorant level when we check it on a daily basis. 


This will allow you to save time. Go for vacuum cleaning mostly on those areas which are stepped repeatedly by people. 


Organise your task 


Create a checklist for cleaning. Make sure that when you are cleaning your bedroom, you take up the next bedroom for cleaning rather than the kitchen. It will help you save time and reduce movement which will help save your energy. Make sure that you choose rooms one after the another as per their position in the home for vacuum cleaning. Your checklist will guide you through this and make your cleaning faster and efficient. 


Know the TOOL


If you have been using the wrong tools all this while for cleaning then we understand that you must have had a hard time! Well, everytime you decide on cleaning any particular room, floor type, carpet or even the furniture and blinds, make sure you change the attachment on your vacuum cleaner as per the best fit. It will make the work more efficient and also reduce efforts on the part of the user. If you feel there’s a need to sweep the place before mopping, you surely do it. Without the right tools, you will need more time to get the job done and also the cleaning won’t ever be satisfactory. 


Professional help is advised 


There are many times when you clean a place but aren’t happy with the work you did. Do you know why this happens? This is because you spent a lot of time and energy on cleaning such a place regarding which you hardly have any idea. Also, there are times when your schedule is so busy that although you know a certain place that needs cleaning but you aren’t able to take out time for that from your jam-packed schedule. Such a situation leads to the piling up of tasks and in the end when you decide to sit and get it done, there’s so much left to do that it takes up a huge chunk of your time. 


Our question is – Is it necessary to stress yourself with all of this so much? NO, is the answer! Go ahead and hire a cleaning company for the same and they will get the job done in quick time and a lot more effectively than you can even imagine! 


Make regular decluttering an essential habit 


If you keep procrastinating your decluttering task everyday there’s a high chance that on the weekend you will be completely taken up with this one task. It is hence suggested that you take up decluttering the home whenever you have the chance. Make it a daily 30-minute exercise rather than keeping it stocked up for the weekend. In this way you will realise that you have saved a lot of time in the weekend for other tasks that deserve your attention. 


DIY cleaning detergents 


If you can make cleaning detergents in your home, it will save you the time that you would have spent in the market and also the money. Also, making such detergents at home ensures that the detergent is safe as you know that only good chemicals are used in it and you will definitely avoid anything harsh that may spoil the sheen on your floor or the softness of your carpet. Also, you can add chemicals which will help you to clean faster and in this way you get to save more time! 


Keep a cart handy 


When you are cleaning, there are a lot of attachments and equipment that are needed. Instead of moving to and fro to the tool box, carry all of them in a cart while you are ready for cleaning. By this you will save time and energy both by reducing the unnecessary movement. Be it the detergent, scrubbing brush or the wiping towel and various attachments of the vacuum cleaner, you can have it all in a cart and start your cleaning and decluttering. 




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