Shark Vs Roomba Vacuum: Which One Should You Buy

You’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Do you buy the Shark or Roomba? They both seem to have good reviews, but which one is really better?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but there are several factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Today we will distinguish between Shark vs Roomba Vacuum.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what your needs are.. If you have a large house with a lot of carpets and furniture, then a Shark vacuum is probably a better choice for you. Sharks are designed for deep-cleaning carpets and can easily maneuver around furniture. If, on the other.Shark vacuum

In this blog post, we will compare the Shark and Roomba vacuum cleaners and help you decide which one is best for you.

Is A Shark Robot Vacuum Better Than A Roomba?

Here is detailed information on which one is better and which one you should choose.

Shark Vacuum

Shark vacuum is the only major brush roll that’s spinning around. Two side brushes, one on each side, assist in clearing dirt out of the way of the suction. Shark robot vacuums provide better suction for the money.Shark robot vacuum

Compared to most other robot vacuums, this one is more whisper-quiet while in use (low, medium, or high) and avoid prohibited regions by using boundary tape.

  • There is just one revolving brush roll.
  • There are two side brushes on each side to help remove debris from the suction path.
  • Shark robot vacuums provide better suction for the same price.

Roomba Vacuum

Roombas work with wireless beacons and have two primary rotating brush rolls to avoid prohibited locations. Premium versions have more excellent navigation and world-class customer service.

Roomba vacuum

It’s unfair to compare entry-level robots to high-end versions, given the wide range of models available. The vacuums in this area are broken down into three categories: cheap, mid-tier, and luxury.

  • Brushrolls rotate on two axes.
  • There is just one side brush to clear debris from the section direction.
  • Navigating in a premium vehicle is far better than in a lower-end one.

Shark vs Roomba: A Comparison in the Budget Category

Ideal for smaller homes, such as a one-bedroom apartment or a studio.

The Shark 750 Ion (Aka R75)

The Ion 750 is the most entry-level model available in Shark robot vacuums. Aside from being inexpensive, quiet, and decent at cleaning, this model has a lot going for it.

There is a risk of missing floor areas because of the randomness of the navigation pattern. The Shark Ion 850, which has more powerful suction, is an option if you have the extra cash to spare.


  •  It is silent, has long battery life, and can be controlled by voice or an app.


  • A haphazard journey (inefficient cleaning)

The 850-watt Ion Shark from Shark (aka R85)

The Shark Ion 850 is a significant step up from the 750 in performance. The most significant change is the increased power of suction. The Shark Ion 850, like most other entry-level robot vacuums, lacks logical navigation and cleans at random. It’s cheap, silent, and effective when it comes to cleaning. The 850 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an entry-level robot vacuum.


  • Low cost, strong suction, long battery life, large dust bin, app, and voice controlling


  • A haphazard journey (inefficient cleaning)


E5 Model Of The Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba e5 is the perfect robot vacuum with two brushless rollers. Brushless means that there are no bristles for long hairs to get tangled in, and having two spinning bars gives the robot greater working surface area.

Roomba vacuum cleaner

The e5’s primary drawback is its high pricing. Compared to the Roombas, the Sharks in this category perform just as well and are far less expensive. However, iRobot’s customer service is the best in the business.


  • The two brushless rollers are ideal for long pets for long hair or pets.
  • The machine is also quite dependable and provides excellent customer service.


  • For a random-navigator robot, the price is prohibitive.

Benchmarking Roomba and Shark in the Mid-Tier

Advanced sensors and logical navigation are standard on all vehicles in this category. Recommend for families with two or more bedrooms, dogs, or a lot of hair.Shark vacuum

IQ Robot Vacuum by Shark (aka R101)

The Shark IQ robot has even more powerful suction than the Shark 850, making it extraordinary.

If you have long hair, you’ve mostly experienced the frustration of trying to remove tangled strands from vacuum brushes. Brush maintenance is a breeze with the R101’s built-in plastic comb that detangles hair as it is picked up.

You may program the robot to vacuum certain house areas to make things even more accessible. In terms of knowing the layout of your house, though, it has a hard time at first. This robot is unable to learn various configurations.

You expect that Shark will address this problem with its first intelligent navigation robot in the future.


  • Self-cleaning brush (great for long hair and dogs), app and voice control, and cheaper than its Roomba rival


  • Maps and navigation aren’t always accurate.

Self-emptying Shark Robot Vacuum

Shark’s version on the self-emptying robot vacuum, known as the R101AE, or Shark Auto Empty. Self-emptying robots like the iRobot Shark utilize throwaway bags.Shark Vacuum

As a result, your vacuum’s ongoing operating expenses are significantly lowered (the price of dirt disposal bags adds up quickly). In addition, it is better for the environment.

The R101AE, like its smaller sibling (the Shark R101), has difficulty mapping and will even refuse to learn the layout on occasion.


  •  It is reasonably priced for a self-emptying robot, self-cleaning brush, and control through an app or voice command, among other features.


  • Maps and navigation aren’t always accurate.
  • In this category, all models move at random.

The 960 Roomba

The Roomba 960, in contrast to the Shark IQ robot, has no trouble figuring up how houses are laid out. Intelligent, self-recharging, and very dependable, this vacuum cleaner picks up just where it left off when it runs out of power.

The Roomba 960

This robot’s twin rubber rollers are simple to maintain since it does not entangle hair.


  •  Recharging and resuming are two of the many advantages of twin brushless rollers.


  • Emptying itself is a drawback.

Is the Roomba or Shark Better

There will be some aspect of each robot that makes it unique. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a robot.

One inch bigger and three pounds heavier, the Roomba 890 has a diameter of around an inch more than the Ion 750, but the 890’s filters are not HEPA certified.

Two side brushes on the Ion750 and one on the Roomba 890 are the only difference between the two robots in cleaning power.

The Ion takes three hours to recharge, compared to two hours for the Roomba.

Roomba 890 has a full bin indicator, whereas Ion 750 does not.

Ion 750 features “Botboundary” Strips, whereas the Roomba 890 has two counter-rotating brushless extractors that rotate simultaneously.

Similarities In Vacuums

In order to make an informed purchase, it is essential to know that another person can do the same. There is a smartphone app for both robots that allows for control.

The Ion 750 and the Roomba 890 are equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles and ledges.

For each Robot, a lithium-ion battery powers it.

Both robots will direct return to the charging port when the battery power is low. Each Robot has an average runtime of around an hour under ideal circumstances. Both robots have timetables, which you may create, change, and remove. After recharging the batteries, neither robot vacuum will automatically continue cleaning, but they can spot specified clean areas.

Final verdict

Home soil becomes a battleground between two robots. What’s the best option for you? The Shark Ion 750 looked promising and even came close to becoming the “Roomba Killer” for me. With its WiFi-enabled controls, voice commands, and scheduling options, the Ion 750 might be a suitable alternative to a Roomba. It’s unnecessary unless you have an abundance of carpets or a carpet with a medium to high pile height. As a result, you are likely to be more dissatisfied than pleased.

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