Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance [5 Must-Read Tips]

Do you also have a Vacuum Cleaner and want to use it to its full potential? Then, you should know about a few Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Tips and Tricks. Several Vacuum cleaners get out of service every day because they are not maintained.

giirl with Vacuum cleaner

Still, many people question if do Vacuum cleaners need servicing? And the answer is simple, to use it at its peak performance, you would have to make a complete Vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist and follow it strictly.

In contrast, if you do not take proper care of it, your Vacuum will pick less and consume more time to clean the carpet. Plus, it may also start damaging its brush roll filters motor, and in the worst-case scenario, it will begin to ruin your carpet.

Proven Tips For Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance That Will Surely Work

So, now you might be wondering how to use and maintain the Vacuum cleaner and floor polisher. Right? Therefore, we are sharing 5 tips to help you maintain your Vacuum cleaner effectively.

1. Closely Monitor Your Vacuum’s Performance

In most electronic items, huge faults can occur due to minor reasons. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your Vacuum’s performance, and it should also be the top priority in your Vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist.



Always keep an eye on your Vacuum’s performance


Usually, when people notice any significant drop or decrease in their Vacuum performance, they assume it to be expected. Although, there is always a reason for a machine’s decline in performance. And if your Vacuum is also not picking up smoke or other small debris, it is highly likely to be due to Clogs.

Even though it is not due to clogs, it is always better to know the fault at the grassroots level. Since using a Vacuum cleaner with dropping performance, you will be making it even worse. This way, by keeping an open eye on it and repairing it on time, you will be preventing the fault from getting worse. Plus, the repair cost will also be much lower.

2. Removing Clog from Vacuum Cleaner

Want to know if do Vacuum cleaners need servicing or not? If you do not remove a clog from the Vacuum cleaner, you would need services and repairs more frequently. If your vacuum cleaner’s bag is either complete or filled with clogs, it will not be able to pick up the dust, and its airflow will also reduce dramatically. Moreover, using it continuously without servicing can overheat Vacuum motors and damage even new Vacuum cleaners, especially if they are not equipped with safety shutoffs.

Vacuum clog

A clog can damage even the latest Vacuum

Firstly, you need to unplug the Vacuum and find out where the clog is hiding precisely (head, hose, or actual vacuum). If the clog is in the Vacuum or head, you can flip it over and pull out the clog with your fingers.

Other than that, you can also use an old thin tool like a screwdriver. And for the clog in the hose, feed one end into a garbage bag and use a mop pole to poke the other end. Keep doing it until you see all the clog falling into the garbage bag.

Once done with it, bring the Vacuum back together and check if its performance has improved. And if you do not feel any improvement, you may need to get it repaired by a professional.

3. Replace Your Bag Oftenly

Changing your bag should be the most frequent step in your Vacuum cleaner maintenance checklist. Moreover, it is also considered one of the easiest and quickest ways to maintain your vacuum’s performance. Most people believe in a myth that they should only replace the bag when it gets full.

Vacuum cleaner bag

Keep changing/cleaning your bag frequently for the best experience.

However, it is far from the truth, and you should replace the bag when it’s nearly 2/3 filled. Remember that the debris also asks for room to enter the bag, and if it is already filled with it, the Vacuum cleaner will not work as effectively.

A few signs will guide you on when to replace its bag. The first and most common would be to Vacuum an area and find it surrounded with even more debris than before.

It usually happens when the bag is almost full, and instead of filling it, the Vacuum cleaner is throwing the garbage out.

Other than that, if your vacuum’s suction power also starts declining, there is a high chance that it is due to your bag being full.

 4. Maintaining the Brush Roll

You may not need to check the brush roll regularly for your Vacuum cleaner maintenance.

Still, you should review it once in a while to ensure no items are getting wrapped around the roll. Mostly strings, hairs, and floss can prevent the brush roll from spinning or stop it from working at its full potential.

Vacuum cleaner

Strings, hairs, and floss get wrapped around it and cause problems.

To remove them from the brush roll, you can remove the roll from the Vacuum for in-depth cleaning. However, if you are not comfortable with it or can not get it back on, you can also clean it while the Brush Roll is attached with the Vacuum Cleaner.

In most Vacuum cleaners, the roller is attached to a plate. However, it can also vary from model to model. Firstly, lift the plate and get it out from the slot.

After that, identify the objects wrapped around the Brush Roll, and remove them with either scissors or your finger. Moreover, you can also wash it off with water and soap for better results. In other words, you should clean keep it as clean as possible.

5. Checking the Belt

Once you have inspected the brush roll, the next thing for your Vacuum cleaner maintenance would be to check the belt. This belt keeps the brush roll at the right spot and helps it roll.

vacuum cleaner

On average, a belt should be changed twice a year.

If you observe your belt getting slightly loose against the Brush Roll, it might be the perfect time to get a new one. Usually, a belt is changed every 6 months.

However, it is not a solid rule. It entirely depends on the brand and frequency of your use. If you use it every day, you may need to change it every few months. In contrast, using it once in a while will make it last longer.

So, to replace the belt, you would have to remove the roll by sliding the belt off. After that, slide the new belt on. You can also do it easily without the help of any technician.

Plus, if you still have the instruction manual that came with your Vacuum cleaner, then there’s a good chance it has a step-by-step guide for replacing it.


Every electronic item or appliance asks for proper maintenance, and the same goes for Vacuum Cleaners. Unlike most other electronics, Vacuum cleaner maintenance does not ask for a lot of time or long checklists.

You can easily maintain it by giving some attention to its performance. Furthermore, you can also repair most minor issues, like cleaning bags or clog. This way, you will be saving both your time and money.

Hopefully, now you know how to use and maintain the Vacuum cleaner and floor polisher. You may not need a massive budget for its maintenance, but giving it a few minutes of attention can increase its life by many years.

After every few years, buying a new Vacuum cleaner may get very costly for you. But, maintaining your old Vacuum cleaner to keep it working would be a lot quicker and painless way to follow.

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