Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review

Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review

Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review

Another vacuum that offers amazing features at a very reasonable price is the Black and Decker Robotic vacuum. It has customizable LED lighting which gives a better look than an average Roomba robot vacuum. You can even control it with your mobile. All you need to do is download the app. However, the Bluetooth range is very limited. You can go for iRobot Roomba 690 if you do not want your cleaner to have rainbow lightning.

Let’s explore the features and the amazing body design of the Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review.

The accessories and the Design

Let’s be honest here, RGB lightning looks better on a gaming keyword than it looks on a vacuum cleaner. But this look allows the robot-cleaner to stand out of the lot. You can use the application installed on your mobile to alter the colors and also change the brightness (We’ll come back on it later).

HRV 425BL is basically a top-loading cleaner which is 4.3 inches tall and 13.9 inches wide. The size of this cleaner makes it a little unsuitable to clean the area below couch, TV stand, and other furniture.

The Application and the Setup 

You can use the vacuum just after taking it out of the box. But before that, you need to charge it fully for three hours.

Once it’s done, you need to download the app available at the Google play store or the Apple App Store and create an account for yourself. To pair the robot, you need to open the app and long-press the start/stop button. There is also a physical button available to start or stop the robot. You do not need an app for that. However, activities such as changing colors, scheduling cleans, and switching cleaning modes cannot be done without pairing.

Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review

The Bluetooth covers a range of 33 feet. This robot cleaner is suitable for small apartments and homes but establishing a remote connection with the cleaner is not possible. If there are numerous Bluetooth devices available at home then the Bluetooth connection can prove troublesome. There are fair chances of communication drop in case of wireless connection.

You can choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors if your home has hardwood floors. However, you can choose the best vacuum for shag carpet if you have a shag carpet.

With the help of a user-friendly application, you can view the battery level, name of the robot, cleaning status, and the connectivity status. Manual steering, Cleaning modes, and Scheduling are the tree tabs present in the app.

The cleaning tab has three different modes of cleaning that are: Spot Clean, Quick Clean, and Auto Clean. There is a direction pad on the manual steering screen that allows you to move and steer the cleaner in the direction of your choice. With the help of the Scheduling tab, you can schedule your time and day of the week for cleaning.

At the upper right corner, the setting icon is located that allows you to change the color of the and customize the color settings of the robot’s LED in the Color Select menu. You can slide the brightness, choose any color that you wish to from the bright and dark colors to the pastel shades.

You cannot program a lighting effect although the lights are very attractive. You cannot replicate the rainbow pattern that you see when the bot wakes up. That cool pattern can be seen only once.

Whenever the robot is stuck, it signals you with the help of yellow light. You can even set your own colors for different notifications such as a pink flash whenever something gets stuck at its roller or a red flash for a low battery or a green flash when the bin is full and so on.


Black and Decker Robotic Vacuum (HRV425BL) Review

Just like the Eufy RoboVac 11, this solid vacuum HRV 425BL allows a random cleaning pattern but its cleaning pattern is not as smooth as the Eufy RoboVac 11. This vacuum struggles to navigate from one kind of floor to the other.

It sometimes gets stuck and struggles with raised floors. It needs a little push in such situations.

It works effectively on the dark floors unlike the expensive or the inexpensive robot cleaners. Such as the iRobot Roomba 690 stops functioning when placed on a dark floor since its sensor reads the floor as a cliff. Many other such cleaners do not operate properly on darkly colored geometric patterns and the black border.

No matter how dark your rug is, Black and Decker face no problems in cleaning it.

The app works effectively within the range although it lacks a remote.

It does not require a high-power setting to pick up a very good amount of dirt, hair, or dust owing to its amazing suction power. The top-loading dustbin has enormous capacity and is very easy to empty and remove as compared to the very popular Samsung Powerbot R7070 and Bissel SmartClean 1974. You do not need to empty the bin after each session. You can clean for several sessions before removing and emptying the bin.

You can now clean most of the parts of your home with this powerful battery robot which provides a battery life of 85-90 minutes on a single charge. Eufy Robovac 11 still maintain its first position as the quietest robot vacuum with an impressive battery life of around 100 minutes and outlasts numerous expensive cleaners such as the Dyson 360 Eye. If you are looking for a quiet cleaner, then this product might not be your best choice.

It takes some long detours before it returns. However, docking itself back is not a problem for Black and Decker.



If you are looking for cleaners under a budget price of $ 400, this cleaner has a place in the top 10 you must consider. The only thing that separated this cleaner from its competitors is the LED lighting. It runs amazingly well on dark rugs and floors, has a powerful and impressive battery life, and does good cleaning.

However, it has got issues while working on the raised floors, its design does not allow it to work under furniture with a low -profile and has a limited Bluetooth range. A less expensive Roomba 690 under $300 comes with better features such as voice commands and Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, if you wish for a less expensive vacuum, has more features, and prefer to save rather than enjoying the connectivity features, Eufy RoboVac 11 is your product. This works on different floors and costs you super less.

We can conclude by saying that, Black and Decker is an excellent machine with a flashy design, however, faces difficulty in connectivity.


  •     Manual steering
  •     Customizable LED lighting
  •     Easy to remove the dustbin
  •     Impressive battery life
  •     User-friendly app


  •     Struggles with raised floors or uneven floors
  •     Bluetooth only
  •     Lack of low-profile design

Through this article, we have tried to evaluate the pros and cons of the Black+ Decker robot (HRV425BL) and have done a fair comparison of it with its competitors in the market. You should choose a machine that suits your requirements.




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