LG Hom-Bot Square (VR65704LM) Review & Rating

 LG Hom-Bot Square (VR65704LM) Review & Rating

LG Hom-Bot Square (VR65704LM) Review

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly, compact and quiet robot vacuum then this bot is for you. This robot vacuum cleaner comes with remote control and many cleaning modes.

It shows a very powerful and amazing performance while running in the turbo mode, however, it runs out of battery super soon. If you are not a tech-savvy person then you might face some problems in the beginning to use the navigational skills of this robot. You can get Wi-Fi operated vacuum cleaner that can be easily controlled using your Smartphone like Neato Botvac Connected or the iRobot Roomba 980 at the same price.

LG Hom-Bot Square (VR65704LM) Review

Let’s get into the details and features of LG Hom-BOT Square (VR65704LM).

Design, Features and Price

 LG Hom-Bot Square (VR65704LM) Review

Ocean black with a mop attachment and Ruby red with no attachment are the two variants that it comes in. However, both variants have different pricing.

In this article, we shall cover only the Ocean black with the mop attachment which has a cost similar to microfiber pad.

The top contains numerous touch buttons which are embedded in the body like home, turbo, Start/stop, Push and mode. The glossy finish lets your fingerprint stay on the screen.

The turbo mode enhances the suction power and the Start/Stop button activates and deactivates the robot respectively. You can access the various cleaning mode through the mode option and the home button allow you to then send the robot back to the docking station.

You can remove the dustbin and insert it back after emptying using the push button. The dustbin can be easily lifted and removed using the handle present on the dustbin.

An LED display located near the embedded buttons allows you to see various options such as the time of the day, battery level and the current mode the robot is in. It also allows you to check whether the robot is in turbo mode or not.

These are the only options present on the body of the robot cleaner. However, you can use the AAA battery operated remote control which enables you to use the other features of the vacuum cleaner.

Once the batteries are inserted into the remote, it can be used to mute voice prompts, control the robot manually, set the clock on display and program schedules. Despite all the features, LG-Home robot cleaner lacks a smartphone application.

Two rotating side brushes which are used to clean edges and extremely helpful to sweep the debris, metallic charging contacts, cliff detection, main roller brush, battery housing and lower camera sensors are located on the other side(bottom) of the vacuum body.

There are more sensors located at the sides of the robot in addition to the above-described sensors.

The backend of the robot has a ventilation port and an On/Off switch.

The other accessories with which this robot cleaner comes with are comb-like cleaning tool, AC adapter for the docking station, microfiber mop cloths, docking station, an extra filter for the dustbin and a mop plate that can be attached.

Performance, Control and Setup

You can set up your LG Bot very easily right after taking it out of the box. First, you need to charge the robot for around three hours by plugging in the robot to the docking station into the wall outlet. You must ensure that it gets a proper three hours charge before being used.

After the bot has been charged completely all you need to push the Start/Stop button to activate the robot cleaner.

You must ensure that there are so many things like the clothes or pet toys in the way of this cleaner which you do not want to get sucked up before you activate this powerful vacuum cleaner.

It has a hard time with tangled cords. so, please ensure that its path is completely clear.

LG-Hom is no different than its counterparts when navigating back to its docking station. Just like many other expensive bot cleaners LG-Hom too faces difficulty in tracing its way back to the dock station.

Therefore, it needs to be steered manually with the help pf the remote control to help it find the dock. It also requires a gentle push for the raised platforms. However, you cannot just set and forget the cleaner for fully automated processes. It must be checked at regular intervals.

If you have no or very less knowledge about the cleaning modes, it’s advised that you go through the manual. For example, you can use the MySpace mode to clean a rectangular perimeter of about 3.3 feet or smaller.

If you want the robot to move back and forth and sweep your floor, it’s the zig-zag mode you are looking for. The mode that allows the robot to divide the entire area into numerous rectangular spaces so that the robot can clean one at a time is the cell-by-cell mode. However, if you want it to focus at a specific area only, The Spiral mode lets you do that.

As far as it’s concerned about the cleaning performance of LG-Hom it does a quick and quiet job when in the turbo mode. This mode is super good for carpets since the suction power is at high.

You can choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors if your home has hardwood floors. However, you can choose the best vacuum for shag carpet if you have shag carpet.

The bot performs quite well on the hardwood floors, although the mop attachment does not offer any extra cleaning over the work it already performs.

If you are looking for shining floors, you should go for iRobot Braava 380 or iRobot Scooba 450, both of these cleaners are perfect for mopping.

It is claimed by the manufacturer that the bot lasts around 100 minutes when used in the standard mode which is good enough to clean big rooms or large area of your apartment in a single go. However, it shall not last long if it is used in the turbo mode, since the suction power is high which requires more charge.

The robot has been so designed that it can easily move into the low-profile furniture. It performs quite cleaning and has various cleaning modes and also comes with remote control. Although it has many features but lacks the app.

Other cleaners such as the Roomba 980 come at the same price along with an app. However, if you are looking for a cleaner with more features and also want to save yourself some bucks Neato Botvac connected vacuum should be your choice. It offers some amazing features and a powerful cleaning along with Wi-Fi connectivity.

We would conclude with the points that, LG-Hom Bot is an amazing vacuum cleaner which is compact, strong enough to gather dust and dirt particles from the floor and is also is a quite performer and would not disturb you while you are doing some other work. Its a simple and useful cleaner but lacks a smartphone app.


  •     Useful remote
  •     Quiet Performance
  •     Compact Design


  •     No Wi-Fi feature
  •     Expensive
  •     Not effective except for its turbo mode

This review article has focused on the features, design, performance, pros and cons of using LG-Hom Bot square (VR65704LM). However, there are other options available in the market. You should choose the product that best fits your requirements.




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