TOP 5 vacuum cleaner for allergies reviewed for YOU

Health is wealth and there’s nothing more important than maintaining a healthy home for living. Are you looking to get the best vacuum cleaner for allergies? We have brought a comprehensive list of products along with their reviews just to make your work easier!

The basic and important fact is to note that you must always feel the most comfortable and safe in your home. Dust, pollen and other particles are constantly in the air and stuck to your carpets and curtains. If anyone in your family has a problem with dust and pollen due to allergies, it is high time that you find a way to deal with these unwanted air suspended particles. Shag carpets or the wood floors, both are hard to clean and also these carpets absorb a lot of dust which is extremely worrying if you have a baby at home or a person with allergies to dust. Leaving these aside, if you have a pet then getting rid of the pet hair is also necessary or else it may also trigger dust allergies. All you need is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can take care of it all! Here’s a list of top 5 vacuum cleaners for allergies, curated especially just for you-

Eureka Mighty Mite Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Pet, 3684F-Violet

vacuum cleaner for allergies

If you have pets in your home, there is nothing better than Eureka Bagged vacuum for cleaning pet hair and lint from stairs, upholstery or carpets. Amidst a sea of choices in a vacuum, this is probably the best we came across when it comes to hair removal. It has a motorized brush or the pet power paw which helps to remove all the pet hair effectively. The weight of the machine is around 9 pounds and hence it is easy for you to take around places or on the stairs and various furniture.

This has got the HEPA filter which happens to block 99.7% of all the allergens that causes dust allergy and related ailments. The telescopic wand feature of the cleaner allows it to extend itself by 55 inches. It helps you clean the ceiling, top deck, stairs and critical unreachable corners with ease. The Arm & Hammer dust bag reduces the odor from pets and deals with other allergens that might come from pet dander. The wide 11-inch cleaning path of Eureka is a major advantage.

Some of the other features like the utility crevice tool, 12 amp motor or the 20-foot long power cord and the cord storage feature in the canister makes this vacuum better performing than most of the others in the same category. For best performance you need to use it on the wood floor as on the carpets it will only help in removing the dust. Speaking of the cons, the machine doesn’t have cord wind or a wand storage unit nor a shoulder strap for carrying it. It comes with a 1 year warranty period.

All in all, if you are a pet lover and have one in your home then this can be the best pick for you!

VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner for allergies

The best part about these 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners is that you can use it to its full length with the extension stick and on the other hand you can also use it without the stick in a much handy manner. The fact that this vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight makes it amongst the top picks as one can use it to clean various surfaces without much issue. The vacuum does move smoothly over a wide range of surfaces such as hardwood floors, stairs, carpets, rugs and furniture. The best part of VonHaus 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner is that it has a massive dust bin and hence you do not need to clean the dust bag again and again. With a 1.3-litre dust bag capacity, you can easily detach the bag from it and clean it whenever you want without any hassle.

Please note that for allergies, your vacuum cleaner must have the HEPA filter. Gladly, VonHaus vacuum cleaner has the HEPA filter with sponge filtration. This filter locks allergens instead of spreading it back in the air like other cleaners. With its usage, your home will remain free from allergy-causing elements in the air.

For hardwood floors, this cleaner is ideal but when it comes to cleaning the carpet, you may need to do the cleaning 4-5 times to perfectly wipe out all the dirt. The single most and the biggest con for this vacuum cleaner is the noise it produces during vacuuming. You literally need to put in earbuds to avoid the noise! The cleaner has a shoulder strap for your convenience and also crevice tools and other various kinds of attachments brush for better and deep cleaning.

BLACK+DECKER HCUA525JA POWER SERIES PRO 20V Lithium 2-in-1 Anti-Allergen Vacuum, 2 in 1 Cordless

vacuum cleaner for allergies

2 in 1 vacuum cleaner means this has got more features than the average vacuum cleaners and hence this will make your work even smoother and efficient. With this 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, you can clean your floors as well as your roof too! There are areas in your homes that are not reachable manually or via the general vacuum cleaners used. However, with this, you will get a wide range of attachments such as flexible hose and interchangeable tools that will allow it to reach the awkward corners of the home and do the vacuuming easily! The dust compactor is effective in holding large quantities of dust so you don’t have to think of cleaning the canister again and again. The HEPA filter that comes with this vacuum cleaner is enabled at capturing 99.99% dust particles and pet hairs.

The special Autosense feature allows the cleaner to change modes automatically when it shifts from the hard floor to carpet. The in-built Filter Sense feature lets you know exactly when you need to change the filter. With the newly added Smart Touch feature, you will be able to set the vacuum as per your wish and also check its battery and other things. The swivel steering makes it easier for the cleaner to go around furniture and other places with cramped rooms. The motor of this vacuum is quite huge and the battery backup is around an hour to be perfect. You also get accessories such as –

  • Crevice Tool
  • 6-inch nozzle
  • Long brush
  • Nozzle/brush
  • Upholstery brush

Additionally, this vacuum comes with a two-year warranty period which is higher than the general period of one year which other vacuum cleaners offer. For an all-around and sturdy cleaning performance on a wide range of materials, there’s nothing that matches the dominance of this particular product!

Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum

vacuum cleaner for allergies

This product is always popular for its super strong suction. Be it the thin pile carpets or the bare floors, this cleaner is capable of cleaning it all. The look of this cleaner is elegant and works flexibly. However, the best part remains the 245 air watts suction which is immensely powerful. Radial Root Cyclone Filtering Technology specially designed by Dyson helps to capture microscopic dust particles and hence makes it safer and easier for allergy patients to breath.

The HEPA filtering doesn’t allow letting out any of the tiniest dust particles even out in the air and there’s no other vacuum than this to let out cleaner discharge air. The cleaner is certified by asthma and allergy foundations of America. The 6 gallon capacity of dust makes it less frequent to clean by the user. Also, the cleaning brush is extremely smooth and hence it leaves no scratches on anything you use it on. Some of the additional components that you get with this cleaner are –

  • Carbon fiber soft dusting brush
  • Stair tool
  • Carpet tool
  • A reach under tool
  • And a combination tool

With all of this now you can easily clean the most awkward and clingy corners of your room without an issue. The Self-Adjusting feature automatically changes the head when you move the cleaner from the hardwood floor to carpets. Above all this, the Dyson Ball has a power cord of 35 feet which further can reach up to a length of 51 feet! With the extension wand, you can reach the large and distant areas further easily and make your home a happy living space even for those who suffer from dust allergies!

Kenmore 31140 Pet & Allergy Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Blue Silver

vacuum cleaner for allergies

Speaking of the Kenmore 31140 vacuum cleaner, this cleaner offers additional features to make the suction furthermore powerful. With 2 motor systems and effectively power flow technology, it leaves behind no hair or dirt on the hardwood floor or carpets. The triple HEPA filtration system makes it more efficient than others on the list. It definitely catches a lot more dust, debris and dander than others. The filter takes in more dust and dander than others and the powerful HEPA filter makes sure that the dust is locked inside of the vacuum rather than given out in the air. Amongst the list of vacuums approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, this one tops the chart. Here are some of the accessories you can get with it –

  • Crevice tools for unreachable corners of your home
  • Pet Handi-mate helps you deal with even the most stubborn pet hair
  • 10 feet long telescoping wand

Apart from these, you get a 30 feet cord length, 12 amps power and a weight of 19 pounds. The 4 height adjustment feature shall allow your cleaner to reach difficult areas of your living space. With so many features and accessories, this definitely can be your pick to keep the house clean and free from allergens.

With this, the list comes to an end. If you choose anyone from these then be rest assured of quality service and efficient cleaning along with extra care to allergens.













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