Robot Vacuum: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Understandably, the sheer number of functions and choices available to someone shopping for their first robot vacuum would be overwhelming. The days of robot vacuums getting stuck and bumping their way around your house are long gone. 

The most effective robot vacuums are capable of navigating your home and cleaning it on their own. Some people can deplete themselves and gain knowledge from the challenges they face. 

Do you want to learn more? They’ve put together this helpful buyer’s guide to help you understand the critical differences between robot vacuum models and address any pressing concerns you may have.

Here is a comprehensive FAQ guide that can help you know everything about the robot.

Set of robotic vacuum cleaners

Does Robot Vacuum Work On Carpet?

Carpet cleaning is no trouble at all for vacuum robots, but On the one hand, if money is an issue, a vacuum robot that can also sweep and mop could be an option. 

If you have a lot of money, you can purchase everything you desire. iRobot, for example, is a high-tech, multi-purpose robot vacuum that you can buy. In contrast to high-quality robots at a reasonable price.

Does Robot Vacuum Need Light?

Your robot vacuum is most likely using optical sensors. On the other hand, Optic sensors can only function in the presence of light.

Do not plan your vacuum cleanings at night if you notice that your vacuum gets stuck a lot.

Does Robot Vacuum Work On Stairs?

Clean stairs with a robot vacuum? Robot vacuums are ineffective for cleaning stairs because they cannot ascend or descend a flight of steps.

When used to clean floors instead of stairs, robot vacuums include built-in cliff sensors to keep them from going down the edge.

There are no robot vacuums capable of climbing stairs at present. Even after 15 years of development, IRobot, the most well-known robot vacuum maker, doesn’t have a version that can rise and clean stairs. 

Despite this possibility, robots are becoming more intelligent as they are developed. It has two extra-large legs to help it stay upright. Shortly, it used an intelligent robot vacuum that cleans stairs.

Does A Robot Vacuum Need Wi-Fi?

Yes, sometimes robots need Wi-Fi for their proper functioning. If you wish to link it to your phone or another device, such as Alexa, you must use Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi isn’t required for a Roomba to operate. It’ll still do the job. As soon as you press the begin button, it begins cleaning your room for you.

Before attempting this procedure, ensure your Roomba is Wi-Fi-enabled since not all models are. Among the Wi-Fi-enabled versions are the Roomba 690, 890, 960, and 980.

It’s also better to read the product documentation to see whether it’s compatible with WiFi.

Does A Robot Vacuum Need Mapping?mapping in a robotic vacuum

Robot vacuums employ mapping to create cleaning routes and sensors to monitor road conditions while they’re driving. 

Here It’ll examine the cliff sensors, obstacle detectors, and other technologies that make these gadgets operate.

Does A Robot Vacuum Help With Pet Hair?

Even the most excellent robot vacuums will have a hard time when it comes to pet hair. Pet hair may stick to the carpet fibers and the brush bar itself, making it difficult to remove the hair from the floor. 

Consequently, most robot vacuums can either gather pet hair or jammed during the cleaning procedure.

Figure 5 Removing pet hair.

How Long Does A Robot Vacuum Last?

A robot vacuum should last 4-6 years with proper maintenance if the brushes are cleaned regularly and replaced by other components.

Typically, premium models last 8 years, which is longer than the average.

How Much Electricity Does A Robot Vacuum Use?

It can show you the amount of electricity (watts) your Roomba will consume while docked and charging. 

It consumes roughly 10 watts while keeping a charge and 27 watts while charging, which is about 3600 to 4500 kWh (kilowatt-hours) a month when the Roomba is docked and charging.

How Long Does A Robot Vacuum Battery Last?

Battery life is a critical consideration depending on the size of your house.

Generally, most robot vacuums have a run time of between 60 and 70 minutes, which is appropriate for cleaning small flats or houses.

If you have a large living space, you’ll want to look for a robot vacuum with a battery life of 90 minutes or more, so it can clean each room thoroughly before needing to be recharged.

To check the battery power, completely charge the battery of your robot vacuum cleaner, start a cleaning cycle, and record how long your vacuum robot operates before shutting down due to low battery power.

Do Robot Vacuums Damage Furniture?

When a robot vacuum is frequently brought into touch with the base of a piece of wood furniture, harm might occur.

The polish on your furniture legs might wear away over time if the robot vacuum runs over them regularly. Wooden table and chair legs are more likely to be damaged.

Your hardwood flooring will not be scratched by robot vacuums. Many models are designed with rubberized wheels and soft brushes, making them safe for hardwood surfaces.

Unfortunately, there is a danger involved with all vacuums. There is a possibility that dirt, sand, or small objects become entrapped in the wheel.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Robot Vacuum?

charging robotic vacuum

Keep Roomba charged and ready to clean at all times with the Home Base. Under typical circumstances, at least two (2) hours of charging time had required. You may only use Roomba’s iRobot Lithium-Ion Battery.

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Rugs?


chargingRobot vacuums are capable of many tasks, but they are also limited. Obstacle avoidance and navigation have come a long way in the last several years. 

However, there are several reasons why rugs remain a significant issue for owners of robot vacuum cleaners.

When it comes to black carpets, where do they come from? When operating near a staircase, all robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with cliff sensors to prevent falling. 

The sensor sends infrared light, and the algorithm will advise the robot to stay away if this light beam does not return in a certain amount of time.

It’s typical to see vacuum robots avoid dark carpets since they absorb the infrared light from the cliff sensor.

Even if you tape over the cliff sensor, your robot won’t be able to prevent falling off the edge if your home has more than one story and an accessible stairwell.

As a result, the answer is yes. Robot vacuums can clean carpets. Rugs might have various issues, but if your money allows, you can overcome them.

Figure 7 Robot vacuum can go over the rug

Can Robot Vacuums Detect Stairs?

Cliff sensors on the bottom of each Roomba detect the presence of a ledge, step, or another drop-off. Due to this Roomba can back away safely. This feature allows robots not to encounter any surface while cleaning the place.

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over The Threshold?

Yes! There is no problem with most robot vacuum cleaners passing over a tiny barrier. Most robot vacuums can go past the standard threshold of 0.7 inches (1.9 cm) (1.77 cm).

The Neato D4 and D7, for example, feature springs in the back wheels that they can use to crawl over thresholds.

How Much Dirt Can A Robot Vacuum Hold?

The trash capacity of robotics is one of the most overlooked qualities. When the bin reaches this level of dust and trash, cleaning and emptying, it had necessitated. 

The suction power, battery capacity, run duration, and whether or not a Roomba recalls a room layout is the most often discussed aspects of a Roomba’s capabilities.

When considering the overall performance of a Roomba, it is easy to forget the value of its dustbin capacity. One of the consequences is an increase in the robot’s cleaning time. Cleaning time increases linearly with power (battery limitations notwithstanding).

The red indication on the Roomba’s display lights up or blinks when the bin is full. Before the robot can continue cleaning, you must empty the trash and clean the sensors and sensor ports.

Roombas may have the same basic design, but each has a unique dustbin capacity. It’s essential to know how much dirt each Roomba model can manage so you can make an informed decision on which Roomba is best for you.

Can I Carry A Robot Vacuum On A Plane?

Vacuums are allowed on planes as carry-on baggage if they’re tiny enough to fit in your bag. Most of the time, it’s preferable to check your vacuum cleaner in with your luggage.

Ahead of time, if you’re not sure about which plane will allow you to carry your vacuum cleaner, call and inquire. It will save you get to the airport and help speed your way to your plane.

Check to see whether your vacuum cleaner can fit in your luggage and that you don’t exceed the weight or size restrictions for that trip.

Can A Robot Vacuum Clean Multiple Rooms?

A robot that can neat and clean one room and then travel to the next one on its own would be unique for a large home with several rooms. Fortunately, multi-room cleaning robots are becoming more widespread and hence less expensive.

Be wary, though, since many robots on the market claim to handle multi-rooms simply because there is no formal restriction to doing so. Some of them are just bad at it.

In truth, your robot’s ability to clean more than one room may vary based on your budget.

As a result, rather than asking whether they can manage it, we should ask how well they can handle it.

So, instead of asking whether a robot can manage multi-rooms, focus on whether or not it has the software capability to perform at a high level in this regard when you encounter a robot that matches your budget.

Can I Put Detergent In My Robot Vacuum?

Before applying any detergents on the floor or in your robot vacuum, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to dilute the concentration.

Also, don’t forget to use detergent gear to shield your hands and face from the strong chemicals.

When applying a detergent cleaning agent, allow it to sit on the floor for a while to kill the germs. Doing so will amount your time and money, and you’ll have squandered both.

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