iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum

Why is the iRobot Roomba 780 a good fit for your life?

Used a Roomba before? Well, you already know the amazing experience. However, if you haven’t then let me tell you that it hums a fine-tune and gets to work instantaneously. You shall soon identify the random pattern it uses to navigate and clean your room.

However, this is not it.

Sometimes it takes longer to clean a room as it keeps moving around a certain area repeatedly. However, you don’t need to look after this robot vacuum cleaner as you do when working with a traditional cleaner. There are times when it would bump into your furniture and come close enough that you can hear it nearby. However, it’s not that loud as its counterparts in the market.

It heads back to the docking station as soon as it has done with its work or is running out of battery. A smart robot, indeed!

iRobot Roomba 780 Features

iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum

Wall- Following Technology

The round shape of this cleaner does not allow the robot to clean the walls without the use of a compensating mechanism. The wall-following technology of Roomba 780 allows the robot vacuum to slowly inch along by pointing the spinning side brush towards the wall. Thus, every little inch near the wall gets cleaned up easily.

HEPA filters

The dirt remains trapped inside the dustbin and does not leak out of it because of the tight seals. This is accomplished with the help of HEPA filters.

On-board scheduling

Roomba 780 is quieter than its counterparts in the market as stated earlier. However, if you using it while sleeping, you might find it loud.

You can schedule your cleaning days with the scheduling feature. So, you can schedule the time and day of cleaning and set your robot to clean your house while you are out shopping. You shall find clean floors once back. It is quite typical of robots to tangle around with small objects and cords lying on the floor. Therefore, it should be taken care that the path of the robot is clear except for spots and dirt on the floor.

You can choose the best vacuum for hardwood floors if your home has hardwood floors. However, you can choose the best vacuum for shag carpet if you have shag carpet.

Spinning side brushes

The debris and dirt lying around the walls can be brought into the path of suction wherein the dirt can be sucked into the dustbin due to the centrally concentrated suction with the help of side spinning brushes.

Cliff Sensors

Big objects, ledges and stairs are recognized by the robot with the help of its cliff sensors. It can detect the stairs before it falls while working on a raised floor.

Self-charging home base

Like every other robot vacuum cleaner, Roomba 780 also comes with a docking station. It can automatically trace its way back to the docking station with the help of its infrared beams when it runs out of battery. Except for emptying the dustbin, everything else is in auto-pilot mode. Unfortunately, you need to use your hands to clean the dustbin.

Soft-touch bumper

A 180-degree soft bumper is present in Roomba 780. The soft bumper acts as a cushion and prevents the robot from getting scratched against the wall or the furniture in case it bumps into a wall or furniture.

Virtual wall lighthouse

iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum

The robot can be kept in the same room before it finishes vacuuming that room. This is achieved with the help of the virtual wall lighthouse feature. This shall save you a lot of time since the robot tends to move back and forth between the rooms. C batteries power the virtual wall.

These virtual wall lighthouses are generally small light beacons that are placed to cordon off the area for the robot. Lighthouse mode and the Virtual lighthouse mode are the two modes that you can opt for.

In the lighthouse mode, the robot is instructed to finish vacuuming the current room while in the virtual wall mode a blocking signal is transmitted by the beacon that blocks the way for the robot. The first mode is more efficient since it reduces the travelling of the bot from one room to the other and saves plenty of time.

Spot Clean function

If you want the robot cleaner to focus on a particular spot, then you can go for the spot cleaning mode. The spot clean button is located on the body of the robot which when pressed activates this mode.

The areas being cleaned are technically small circles which keep on expanding as the areas get cleaned. This feature is extremely helpful there is cat litter, chips or cereals spilt around your floor. Let the Roomba finish the rest of the cleaning once you have collected the big particles and pieces.

Some not so useful features

These features are not that useful as compared to the others.

Remote control

You can steer the vacuum cleaner to any direction with the help of remote control. However, it’s not very important for the functioning of Roomba.

iAdapt Technology

The robot can analyse its surroundings 60 times in a second with the help of this technology. Numerous sensors tell the robot which way to go. This is useful to avoid getting bumped, however, all the places need to be cleaned.

Full Bin indicator

This feature notifies you whenever the bin is full. However, a few people consider this feature useful but people who generally empty the bin when the cleaning is completed would not find it very useful.

Dirt Detect Series-Cleaning Technology

The acoustic sensors are used to determine the location of the dirt by Roomba 780. However, with the help pf its optical sensors, it can now even see the dirt and debris while picking it.

The Dirt Detect feature is activated automatically in the areas where there is high foot traffic. Thus, the robot will focus more on these areas, but its task is to clean the entire house and every inch of it.

Touchpad Interface

A fancy touch has been given to the bot with this touchpad interface. Regular buttons could also do the same task.

How quiet is iRobot Roomba 780?

A noise of 65 decibels is created for hardwood floors while it creates a noise of only 60 decibels when cleaning the carpets.

Where can I buy iRobot Roomba 780?

Amazon is a one-stop station for the most competitive price.

However, you would require a 240v or 220 v outlet for charging the bot. At times you would receive universal adaptors that work with both 240v and 120 v outlets. However, sometimes you receive US domestic charges that work with 120v outlets.

Get yourself a step-down transformer if you receive the 120v charger.

Can iRobot Roomba 780 vacuums manage pet hair?

Roomba 780 is an excellent vacuum cleaner for all sorts of pet hairs such as dog, cat and even capable of picking up human hair. Although it picks up tons of these it seems to struggle with long hairs. To make this process easier, you also receive a hair extractor tool. The brush can be used to clean after the roller brush is taken out.

The Roomba 800 series is entirely brushless in which you do not need to pull out the long or short hairs that get inside.

Will iRobot Roomba 780 work on my carpet and rugs and hardwood floors?

It doesn’t matter whether it is working on carpets or rugs or hardwood floors, it does its ideal work on all types of floors. While you are cleaning your area rugs, it makes use of its 3 inches large wheels to climb over the area rugs smoothly irrespective of its thickness. The smaller, lighter rugs might get pushed by Roomba due to its high power.

How long iRobot Roomba 780 takes to charge up?

Roomba takes less than three hours to charge up completely.

The Battery life of iRobot Roomba 780 is?

iRobot Roomba 780 Robot Vacuum

The Roomba 780 comes with an impressive battery that can last for 1.5 to 2 hours. But this entirely depends upon the type of floor.

Although, robot vacuums are intended to provide you comfort they also need manual supervision just like any other manual vacuum cleaners.

However, they do protect you from the dust while vacuuming and also saves you from the noise the manual cleaners create.

We can conclude by saying that Roomba 780 is an amazing tool that can help you clean and tidy up your room without much affecting your wallet and bank balance.


  •  Automated vacuum
  •  Large battery life
  •  Smart
  •  Programmable
  •  Audodock
  • Sweeps entire room
  •  Small footprint


  •  Small dust bin
  •  Requires room preparation
  •  Cannot get into small areas
  •  Not powerful like the corded vacuum cleaners 

The features, performance, pros and cons of using Roomba 780 has been discussed in detail in this article so that you can make a better decision while buying yourself a robot vacuum.


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