iLife A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review & Ratings

iLife A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review & Ratings

iLife A8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 If you are searching for a robotic vacuum cleaner at an affordable price with all the interesting features, iLife A8 robot vacuum cleaner is the one for you. It has excellent navigation and auto functional docking potentials. The robot has a low height which enables it to go under the furniture and other domestic appliances. Although it varies from the costly automated vacuum cleaners like Ecovacs Deebot N79S. The model iLife A8 lacks the feature of app controls and voice control features. However, it is a promising accessible model at a range of $300. With excellent connectivity and superb cleaning results, it tops the list of robotic vacuum cleaners in the market.


iLife robot vacuum cleaner 


The robot is circular with a glossy black mirror panel placed at the top. The blackish color and glass give it a stylish and snappy look. The front screen has a scenic camera along with an auto button. The switch gleams different colors according to the need. For example: confronting error it glares red, fully charged it glows green, and orange when it is charging. The sensor is placed in the front screen and the garbage bin at the backside.

The A8 robotic vacuum cleaner comes in a modest size. The diameter is 12.2 inches and the length is 2.8 inches, favorable for reaching all the difficult places. Whereas the model iLife V8s is 3.1 inches in length with 13 inches of diameter, it is a vacuum cleaner as well as a mop.

When you toss the robot upside down you will find a drip sensor, wheel at the sides, front-wheel, charging point along with two side scrubs, two major rungs and detachable brushes. 

Furthermore, the box comprises a port to charge, additional brush, cleaning appliances, spare scrubs, filter and a remote to control the robot but without the batteries. The expensive sets come along a battery. The model A8 requires the feature of setting boundaries and restricted areas for the robot to enter.

With the help of the remote, the consumer will be able to operate and control the robotic vacuum cleaner. The remote is black and greyish with a navigation bar underneath and a on and off button is placed right beside the navigation pad. The bottom of the remote comprises a max mode for cleaning and below it has a set of two rows of switches which are used to set timings, set various modes of cleaning, to set routines of cleaning. There is also a button through which the user can shift between spot and edge cleaning and place the robot back to charging docks.

The customers can choose the preferable vacuum cleaners as per the surface and carpets of the house. For shaggy and soft carpets various sorts of vacuum cleaners are easily available in the market.

Format and Function

This robotic vacuum cleaner lacks several features like app components and good battery life. It needs 5 hours to fully charge which is, of course, time-consuming in many ways! The model needs to be manually set to the charging dock.

However, the A8 robot is the best available product in the budget which gives marvellous performances in terms of cleaning. The robot has good mapping technology, although it takes time to note the map. When it fully becomes aware of the map of the house it manages and functions accordingly and avoids the hurdles automatically. The panoramic camera placed in the bottom helps in picturing the room and surface. It automatically regulates the suction power to be applied as per the nature of the surface.

iLife robot vacuum cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner A8 works systematically unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners. Most of the vacuum cleaners do not function according to the set pattern instead they follow an arbitrary pattern of functioning. However, the A8 robotic vacuum cleaner when set to the auto mode of cleaning, initially it began to move in a zig-zag mood but when it maps the room it functions systematically and smoothly.

At a given budget of $300, the model A8 has the promising dock functioning. Many other models which are available in the same range have poor dock performance. The A8 robotic vacuum cleaner, however, usually returns to the charging socket automatically by mapping the area, even it can detect the shortest path to reach the socket.

One of the major drawbacks is that it is not capable of picking large heaps of dust and pet hairs due to the small size of the garbage bin. However, it can suck and pick earplugs, screws and quarters without encountering any difficulties. At times when it stops picking up lumps of dust or pet hairs what the user needs to do is check if the bin is full and clean them for proper cleanings.

It has the feature of transmitting a notification or signal when it gets stuck, but it does not send any signal when the dustbin is full which can be a little disturbing for the users. To avoid such situations one needs to clean the bin timely and set the routine for cleaning the room when they are at home.

Another issue is of the remote which comes along the product. It lacks various features such as you can reschedule the routine only once in a day, the remote is appropriate only for changing the mode of cleaning, it does not have directional features, which is the major setback.

It has got a good battery life, it works effectively within the 90 minutes after taking off from the charging dock. It cleans smoothly with a good result of rooms from medium to small size. It may not function at its best in a large room in single charging. The model A8 makes a sound while cleaning, however, not like the ordinary vacuum cleaners. It makes less sound pollution than the electronic vacuum cleaners available in the market. You just have to raise the volume of the TV or sound speaker when the robot does its cleaning. The model Eufy Robovac 11 is better than the A8 in terms of making the sound.

Comparison and Conclusion

Though the iLife robot vacuum cleaner  performs and gives good cleaning and navigation results, however, it is far from being the ideal pick. If you have a small to average size home or flat you can pick this model without giving a second thought! It performs excellently in medium-sized rooms.

However, Eufy Robovac 11 is better than the iLife A8 model in the same range as it has better battery life with less sound and better navigation features. Similarly, in a slightly higher range, the robotic vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot N79s has better features than the above-mentioned models. It has advanced features like app supporting, voice controlling, extra settings of routine and timings and it also delivers good cleaning results.


1.Has a cool look with a low shape design 

  1. Good navigation and docking features.
  1. Good mapping feature.


1.Small dust bin. 

  1. Lacks the feature of app and voice controls. 

This robotic vacuum cleaner iLife A8 robot vacuum cleaner  can be an ideal puck for those who have a small house with small family members. The above-mentioned features and drawbacks can help the customer to decide whether or not the model has the capacity to satisfy the needs.






















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