Bissell Smart Clean 1974 Review & Rating

Bissell Smart Clean 1974 Review & Rating 

Bissell Smart Clean 1974

For almost 100 years the company, Bissell has been manufacturing and launching different kinds of vacuum cleaners in the market. It is considered as the oldest and most trustable brand for manufacturing vacuum cleaners at a different range with an updated version.

The company started launching robotic vacuum cleaners just two years ago. It launched Bissell Smart Clean 1974 at a very reasonable price range with advanced programming and features. The robot performs superb cleaning on different kinds of floors whether marble, tiles or wooden floor. It also proposes a virtual wall for dividing the areas of cleaning in the house. It works wonderfully on small to average-sized apartments and rooms. Eufy Robovac 11 can be an ideal choice for a big house. 

Review of Bissell Smart Clean 1974

For a better understanding of customers who are planning to buy the product Bissell 1974 mentioning in vivid detail its designs, functions and overall reviews.

Design and Component

Bissell Smart Clean 1974

This Bissell 1974 has a smart and classy look. It has a monochrome bumper at the top along with an IR receiver. The bottom of the top bumper has a company logo above the LCD panel.

The model is great looking with cool technology and detachable dustbin. The user just needs to press the lid which is just next to the logo and the garbage bin pops up with a handle. The handle is attached to the bin so that it becomes easy to take off the bin for cleaning purposes. It has easy cleaning and maintaining facilities.

The rollers, side scrubbers and battery containers are well fixed and simple to replace if the existing ones get disrupted. The Dyson 360 eye defeats the Bissell 1974 model in looks.

The robot is circular with 13.1 inches of diameter and 3.4 inches in length. The model Eufy Robovac 11 and iLife A8 has a lower profile than the Bissell 1974. The Smart Clean robotic vacuum has effective cleaning features except for cleaning low areas where furniture and fridge are placed. The high of the model becomes a hindrance in reaching those low areas.

The Smart Clean 1974 carries its charging port along with it. The robotic vacuum cleaner, Smart Clean does not support Wi-Fi or other connectivity, this should not be a disappointment given its budget but it also does not have remote control and other extra parts which is a little upsetting.

The robot has two battery backups both AA pairs. It also has a virtual wall which helps in cleaning. So, one who is willing to purchase this model should be mentally ready to spend some extra money on buying a remote, batteries, docking depot, brushes, rollers, filters and other spare parts if the robot.

 Setup and Control

The robot is not hard to set up, one just needs to fix the batteries in place. Followed by nudging down the side scrubbers on their place. To start operating the robotic vacuum it needs to be placed for charging for several hours. The robot can be charged by placing the dock in any charging socket from any adapter. It will be fully charged by four to five hours of charging and then it is all ready for usage.

There are mainly two ways of starting the cleaning procedure. Firstly, while the robot is at the charging dock one can set its schedule and timings for cleanings. It requires three easy steps: swipe the bottom to the clock and the robotic vacuum cleaner will be all set to work for the hour and the day. You can also set the routine for particular days and times as per the convenience. You can either set the schedule daily, weekly, monthly, on weekends or Mondays, Wednesdays as per your need.

Furthermore, the robot has an LCD touch board placed on the top of the vacuum which helps you to control and give commands to the robot. There are eight different settings out of which you can pick anyone settings for the moment. The initial four settings of the vacuum cleaner will place the vacuum back to the charging dock after a certain duration of time they the user sets.

The fifth settings help the vacuum to return to the dick without completing the cleaning. Likewise, the rest of the settings allows the vacuum to clean for 60,90 or 45 minutes without returning the robot to the dock. On the left of the bumper, there is a switch signing plus and minus, with the help of those bottoms one can shift the mode of cleaning from turbo to normal mode.

One can shift to different modes of cleaning as per the requirement with the help of buttons placed in the panel. The user can switch to cleaning modes like auto cleaning, diagonal ways, along the wall, and the Z formation. You can either set the cleaning mode beforehand or while cleaning.

Spiral and edge cleaning is identical to wall and spot cleaning. While the Z pattern of cleaning and diagonal ways of cleaning is solely introduced by the Bissell company. The zigzag moving and cleaning set is called a Z pattern of cleaning and the diagonal cleaning is cleaning the surface diagonally. All this pattern of cleaning is present in the model Bissell Smart Clean 1974.

There are different kinds of models of vacuum cleaners for different surfaces whether shaggy or hard. The robotic vacuum cleaner works effectively on all types of surfaces.


The model operates efficiently on hardwoods and marbles and has a little difficulty working on rough areas and transitional areas. The model works well on the carpet as well, while the other set struggles in cleaning the carpet. The Smart Clean offers good results in cleaning the hard surfaces along with the edges.

It has a short roller even though it does the best cleanings. It tends to pick and remove every dust particles, stains and pet hairs from the floor and carpets. The cleaning that the Smart Clean offers is better and more satisfying than the other models available at the same price range.

As far as sound pollution is concerned the Smart Clean is better than all other models like the Dyson 360 eye. However, one cannot peacefully work when the model works as it does produce a reasonable sound which can be disturbing while sleeping or watching TV, but it is still much better than the corded vacuum cleaners. In terms of producing sound pollution, the model Eufy Robovac 11 still is unbeatable.

The virtual wall feature is quite attractive as it gives the robot the idea about the room of the house. Using this feature is not a difficult task, you just need to turn it on. The vacuum does not have any issue in returning to the dock when it gets discharged.

Final View of Bissell Smart Clean 1974

Bissell Smart Clean 1974

The Bissell SmartClean 1974 is an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner in the given range. Cheaper than any model of Roomba 690. The SmartClean has all the best features it just faces difficulties in navigating except that it is a treat.


1.Affordable price.

  1. Good battery backup
  1. Detachable garbage bin.
  1. Excellent results in cleaning.
  1. Equipped with virtual wall features


1.Struggles in navigating.

  1. Struggles in cleaning low areas.

The above-mentioned reviews, pros and cons can help the user decide whether the product is suitable for them or not. However, the model Bissell Smart Clean 1975 is cheaper and has all the good features which are present in an expensive set of robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, it just lacks voice and app controlling features.






















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